A young and dynamic company but
with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of electromagnetic drop bolts and electronic security systems.

Our job is: this has always been our must. And doing so is not simply a matter of supplying the parts required to configure the desired systems.

It means being providing a complete project that leverages the full range of products developed by TECNODIMENSIONE®.
All our systems are based on innovative designs and are supported by a consolidated experience, strengthened by years of successful solutions that are now popular worldwide.

Our endless range of large, medium, small, horizontal or vertical electromagnetic drop bolts for all types of doors represents a point of reference for all qualified installers.
Our control panels, electronic boards and accessories can be used to configure standard or sophisticated systems for single or multiple control, along with independent or interlocking doors for banks, offices, manufacturing plants, clean rooms for hospital, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants, emergency exits, shops, private buildings and generally for all applications that require maximum security.

The key characteristic of all TECNODIMENSIONE® products is undoubtedly their superior class that derives from the undisputed quality of each product.