Quality assurance

To continue guaranteeing the high quality and stability standards that are typical of all TECNODIMENSIONE® products, all manufacturing operations are carried out with “high-tech” numerical controls tool machines.

Measurements and dimensional checks are tested using professional “laboratory” instrumentation.

Our highly qualified staff tests all products singularly by performing the following targeted tests and inspections throughout all the stages of the manufacturing process, from the design of single parts to the assembly and final finishing stages:

  • Assessment of the compliance of row materials and components with specifications
  • Assessment of compliance
  • Visual inspections
  • Dimensional inspections
  • Measurement of tolerances
  • Inspection of coils
  • Conduction continuity tests on electromagnetic units
  • Dielectric strength test and measurements
  • Dynamic tests and inspections
  • Static test under continuous tension
  • System simulations with operating and resistance tests
  • Delivery inspections