For over 30 years the products manufactured by TECNODIMENSIONE® have been helping the installers of safety systems to implement highly professional and technologically advanced solutions.

Thousands of specialized installers regularly use TECNODIMENSIONE® products, thus contributing to the enhancement of reliability and safety thanks to the systems and different configurations installed world-wide.

Banks, public bodies, industrial plants, offices and public areas: there is no limit to the application of drop bolt and door management systems that can be developed with the products manufactured by TECNODIMENSIONE®.

Our most outstanding installation, which is only of the many, is in the underground in Prague.

TECNODIMENSIONE® products are winning solutions that have beaten those of other international manufacturers in several technologically advanced countries: the technicians in charge of these projects have chose the electromagnetic drop bolts manufactured by TECNODIMENSIONE® to manage and control the opening of interconnecting doors between the trains even in the event of fire.