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 electronic sounders archives - moflash signalling limited
Moflash Electronic Sounder range offers a good choice of acoustic devices that cover a wide selection of outputs, sizes and key features eg: if a device has a two or three stage alarm. In addition, the 110 Sounder and Combined Sounder Beacon series now includes the 105 and 120 decibel options offering also an LED visual warning option as well as the existing Xenon visual warning option. The ...

 home - venitem
Wired and wireless alarm sounders, power supplies for any kind of security systems, relay boards, optical-acoustic ... Venitem offers the best alarm sounders on the market. The careful technical research results into innovative technological solutions able to meet any requirements.

 sounders archives - security source
The acoustic alarm signaling device is EN 54-3 compliant, in red housing, and offers a selection of 32 signal tones including the DIN tone and other country-specific tones. All tones comply with EN 54-3. Configuration takes place via a 6-pin DIP switch. Up to two different signal tones may be activated.

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 murano - venitem
The alarm sounder that breaks the traditional design schemes joining aesthetics and care for details to the most updated technology. An innovative product ensuring total protection. Murano available models: MURANO LS (with anti-foam and anti-shock system) MURANO LSP (with anti-drilling system, anti-foam/anti-shock system) MURANO DUMMY

 sounder base, alarm sounder dbs720, fds221-x - data sheet ...
Installing alarm sounders FDS221-R, FDS221-W À The alarm sounder FDS221-x is inserted directly in a detector base FDB22x and mounted on walls or ceilings. À For recess-mounted cable entry. À For surface-mounted cable entry with a cable diameter of max. 6 mm with detector base FDB221.

 fire alarm sounder spp-100 spp-101
The fire alarm sounders provide information about fire by means of acoustic signals. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the CSP-104, CSP-108, CSP-204 and CSP-208 fire alarm control panels.

 audible alarm |
ELECTROMECHANICAL SOUNDERS. Electromechanical horns and bells are classics among acoustic signaling devices. They do not generate the signal tone via a sound membrane but, for example, via a bell disc. Electromechanical sounders from Auer Signal: Horns (small horns or large signal horns). Alarm clocks; Motor sirens

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