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 door status monitor using the esp8266 | random nerd tutorials
Now follow the schematics below to create your Door Status Monitor. Demonstration. For prototyping/testing you can apply the magnetic reed switch to your door using Velcro. Now when someone opens/closes your door you get notified via email (watch the video at the beginning of this project for a live demonstration). Wrapping Up

 reed sensors for your complex sensing needs | standex ...
MK11 Brass Series Reed Sensor M6, M8, M10 and M12 adjustable thread mount MK11 Brass Series Reed Sensor are supplied in a cylindrically shaped housing with cable terminals with optional high voltage switch. Used in position, level, and end limit detection w/convenient sensing adjustment. Optional internal switch, cable, length, and termination.

Adjustable chairs and beds Chairs and beds with electronic controls for adjusting tilting and height use reed sensors to sense intermediary and end positions. A magnet is mounted on the moving part with the reed sensor mounted on the stationary part. These sensing voltages are very low and therefore, there is no risk of electric shocks.

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 door status sensors - sdc security
Door Status Sensors. Datasheet . Installation . CAD/Template . 3 Part Spec . Pricesheet . Door Status Sensors . M agnetic door contacts and electromechanical ball switch assemblies provide a means of monitoring door status. DPS-11 SDC Door Status Switch, Electromechanical Ball, SPDT, 5 Amp.

 reed switches | door alarms & window alarms - security ...
Our Range of Reed Switches and Door Sensor Alarms. Window and door sensors are an important component of your security system, whether for your home or office. There are various types of sensors, but the most common type is a reed switch and magnet, which work by forming a circuit that allows current to flow freely.

 automotive- reed sensor - standex electronics
Automotive - Reed Sensor Veicle Power Door Locks Controlled Using A Reed Sensor Application Alley Standex-Meder Electronics All Rights Resered Locking Power Door Can be Done Reli-ably Using Reed Sensors Locking car doors has been a fundamental part of vehicles for the last 100 years. Slowly power door locking was introduced and is now used in

 garage door status sensors ideas | mysensors forum
I'm trying to find a sensor to detect if the garage door is open or closed. I don't want to use a reed switch as I want it to be wireless. Basically my sensor will connect using the Rf24l01 to the gateway. The gateway is connected to the garage opener via a relay. Any ideas of what sensors I could use to detect the status of the garage door?

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