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 reed sensors for your complex sensing needs | standex ...
Reed sensors use the reed switch as the heart of their switching mechanism. When paired with a permanent magnet they are an ideal method of sensing and detecting metal, movement, proximity, and liquid level and flow. Reed sensors come in hundreds of different sizes and shapes. And meet a multitude of application requirements. Additionally reed sensors are available in many contact forms and up ...

 dps / mc series - door status sensors
M agnetic door contacts and electromechanical ball switch assemblies provide a means of monitoring door status. DPS-11 SDC Door Status Switch, Electromechanical Ball, SPDT, 5 Amp. DPS-11-2 SDC Door Status Switch, Electromechanical Ball, DPDT, 5 Amp. MC-4M SDC Door Status Switch, Magnetic Contact, Vandal Resistant, Mortise Face Plate, SPDT, 50 mA.

 build a raspberry pi door / window sensor with reed relais
I have several door sensors, as well as a water sensor, which is just two wires that short out when contacting water. For the door sensors I’m actually reusing the existing wiring from an ancient security system that came with the house. And for the water sensors I’m using cheap speaker wire. No issues so far.

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 door status monitor using the esp8266 | random nerd tutorials
Door Status Monitor using the ESP8266. In this project you’re going to monitor the status of a door using an ESP8266. The goal of this project is to show the endless possibilities that this $4 WiFi module offers when integrates with a free platform that I’m about to show you. Before continue reading this project, please complete the ...

 door/window sensor | fibaro manuals
FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is a wireless, battery powered reed sensor compatible with the Z-Wave standard. Changing the device’s status will automatically send signal to the Z-Wave controller and associated devices. Sensor can be used to trigger scenes and everywhere there is a need for information about opening or closing of doors, windows, garage doors, etc. Opening is detected by ...

 door alarms | cove security
A door alarm (also called a door sensor) is an essential part of a home security system to keep your home safe. A door sensor keeps track of whether a door is open or closed. These alarms alert you either audibly and/or with a text notification when a door has been opened (depending on your settings). With a door alarm you can know that your ...

 arduino - door sensor | arduino tutorial
The door sensor is also known as entry sensor, contact sensor, or window sensor. We will learn how door sensor works, how to connect door sensor to Arduino, how to program Arduino step by step. The detail instruction, code, wiring diagram, video tutorial, line-by-line code explanation are provided to help you quickly get started with Arduino.

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