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 understanding rod locking cylinders - parker hannifin
The locking force is provided by the cartridge which is mounted transversally in the rod lock unit. The piston rod passes through the cartridge and when there is no signal pressure, the force from the internal springs pushes the over-the-center mechanism to lock the piston with the jaws clamping onto the piston rod and holding the cylinder firmly and safely in position.

 electronic locking and electronic latches - camlock systems
electronic locking and electronic latches. Our range of scalable electronic hardware products deliver a reliable, keyless solution to access management. Choose from a selection of electronic latches, including our high-security Series 100 Rotary Latch and its unique mechanism which is compatible with any access control system.

 product information - schunk
5 Locking ring 6 Quick-change adapter SWA 7 Electrical module, tool-side Section view in ready-to-lock position 1 Piston 2 Quick-change master SWK 3 Locking piston 4 No-Touch-Locking™ 5 Locking ring 6 Quick-change adapter SWA Detail view of the locking ball position in ready-to-lock position 1 Hardened locking ball is on the 1st taper of the ...

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 pfa self-locking and braking cylinders
Self-Locking Cylinders and Brake Cylinders allow designers to defeat common barriers associated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Locking Cylinders: Repeatable precise positioning along with high force holding capability is now attainable with PFA Self-Locking Cylinders. The metal-on-metal positive lock ensures “hard contact” repeatability and maintains position independent of system ...

 mahle aftermarket north america | pistons
MAHLE pistons are reliable. In many instances, MAHLE is asked to supply the pistons for an OE manufacturer's high output, premium engines. The Chrysler 2.5L Turbo, Chevrolet 5.7L LT5 (ZRI Corvette), Chevrolet 5.7L LT1 and Chevrolet 4.3L 200HP truck engines all have our pistons. MAHLE's eutectic (12% silicon) aluminum alloy is performance proven ... electric piston
Finish Thompson 1/3 HP Polypropylene/PVDF Piston Electric Operated Drum Pump, 7 to 17 GPM, 6000 to 13,000 RPM - EFV-40 & S1 Kit. $727.96.

 electric cylinders | parker na
Parker's industry-leading range of electric cylinders are ideal for use in wide range of industrial automation applications. Our electric cylinders provide high thrust force, unrivaled force density, extended service life, added programmability and closed loop control. We offer standard central lubrication ports to help minimise maintenance costs and machine downtime.

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