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clean room doors & pharmaceutical doors | rite-hite Ideal for clean environments, Rite-Hite clean room doors contain lightweight, non-corrosive Lexan and UHMW side frames that can be easily removed for thorough cleaning and are designed to meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for washdown

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A clean finish. The customised, high quality clean room doors from Lindner ensure a high degree of impermeability for your clean room. They can be entirely made from non-organic materials and fitted with surfaces suitable for clean-rooms, ensuring that all clean-room standards are met.

 cleanroom door systems - sps clean tech, llc
The doors can be outfitted with a variety of automated activation devices from basic push button to fully integrated Building Management System. Available in 20 colors in standard sizes ranging from 3 feet x 7 feet to 4 feet x 8 feet. Custom sizes and colors are available.

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 clean room doors - clean roll door - wilcox door service inc.
The food and healthcare Industry has the most comprehensive and stringent hygienic standards in the world. The Clean Room Door is the only high speed designed specifically to meet the combination of USDA, FDA, NSF, and ISO Standards. Fabricated of stainless steel or USDA-compliant materials, clean-roll doors allows wash-down with several sanitary design features.

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We provide Flush Design Doors to provide an ultra-clean environment with effective control on room pressurization. Our cleanroom doors which meet GMP doors compliance with fully flushed surfaces having high quality accessories of International standards, long durability, aesthetic and elegant appearance.

 clean rooms - an overview | sciencedirect topics
B. Purushothama, in Humidification and Ventilation Management in Textile Industry, 2009. 11.3.7 Clean-room air conditioning systems. Clean-room or clean-space air conditioning systems serve spaces where there is a need for critical control of particulates, temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, noise, vibration and space pressurisation.

 dortek cleanroom doors
Steel Doors Large seams, voids and crevices which are hard to clean and perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Rusts from the inside out causing health and security hazards. Not waterproof and often oxidises when exposed to regular cleaning regimes. Unhygienic painted surfaces which mark and dent easily and require continuous

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