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 electrical locks and electronic door management systems
Redlock electrical locks fail-safe version, normally open; Bluelock electrical locks fail-secure version, normally closed; Professional electrical drop bolts; Professional electrical door strike; Flat-dualux stop/go displays ultra-slim with technology drill&go; Universal electrical drop bolts microredlock in clean cover housing

 how to do distributed locking — martin kleppmann’s blog
Tweet How to do distributed locking. Published by Martin Kleppmann on 08 Feb 2016. As part of the research for my book, I came across an algorithm called Redlock on the Redis website. The algorithm claims to implement fault-tolerant distributed locks (or rather, leases [1]) on top of Redis, and the page asks for feedback from people who are into distributed systems.

 distributed locks with redis – redis
*The Redlock algorithm. In the distributed version of the algorithm we assume we have N Redis masters. Those nodes are totally independent, so we don’t use replication or any other implicit coordination system. We already described how to acquire and release the lock safely in a single instance.

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 releases · samcook/ · github
Adds lock status information (RedLock.Status and RedLock.InstanceSummary) to give more information when locks fail to acquire (e.g. conflicted, no quorum) . Adds RedLockFactory.ConfigurationChanged event that is fired whenever changes to the underlying redis connections are detected . Adds NetStandard 2.0 target .

 github - samcook/ an implementation of the ... An implementation of the Redlock distributed lock algorithm in C#.. Makes use of the excellent StackExchange.Redis library.. Distributed locks are useful for ensuring only one process is using a particular resource at any given time (even if the processes are running on different machines).

 redlock · pypi
The ``redlock.RedLock`` class shares a similar API with the ``threading.Lock`` class in the Python Standard Library. Basic Usage ^^^^^.. code:: python from redlock import RedLock # By default, if no redis connection details are # provided, RedLock uses redis:// lock = RedLock("distributed_lock") lock.acquire() do_something ...

 redlock security blog | cloud threat defense
RedLock’s Head of Data Science, Alok Tongaonkar, is passionate about applying machine learning to cyber security analytics and cloud threat defense. Prior to joining RedLock, Alok, was a Data Science … Continue reading “1-1 with RedLock’s Head of Data Science, Alok Tongaonkar” Read More

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