Quality, expertise and technology at your service...

A young and dynamic company, yet with over forty years of experience in the production of electrical locks and electronic security systems.

Ensuring safety and security. This has always been our top priority.
For us, this means more than just providing a series of products for the implementation of systems.

It means delivering turn-key projects using the entire range of TECNODIMENSIONE® products.

Every creation is based on cutting-edge designs supported by our long-standing experience, gained in years of developing first-rate projects for an international customer base.

Our vast range of large-, medium- and small-sized horizontal and vertical electrical locks for any type of door has become a benchmark for any qualified installer.

Control units, printed circuit boards and accessories make it possible to produce from the simplest to the most sophisticated systems for the single or multiple management of independent or interlocking doors in banks, offices, industrial facilities and the sterile clean rooms of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and food processing facilities, as well as emergency exits, shops, condominiums, and so on - in short, any place where security is paramount.

The intrinsic values underlying every TECNODIMENSIONE® product is their superior performance and unquestionable quality.

over forty years of experience