2 Professional electrical door strikes

Tecnodimensione professional electrical door strikes

They allow you to "electrify" the closure of any door simply fitted with a fixed knob (instead of a handle) and equipped with the usual traditional mechanical lock with normal standardized latch. Basically, the operating criterion of the ordinary electric lock is reversed: it is not the lock that is electric, but the striker in the jamb (where the latch bolt is wedged) is electric.

Tecnodimensione offers a range of 8 series of professional electric strikes:

Series PRO professional electrical door strikes, with medium-high. Able to withstand pressures up to 700 kg (getting destroyed). Able to withstand pressures up to 500 kg without suffering damages.

Series FIRE PRO electrical door strikes is specifically designed for REI120 fire doors, that are able to withstand fire for a maximum of 120 minutes, to provide a high pressure resistance a maximum up to of 1000 kg (10KNw).

Series SIM mini-symmetrical door strikes are the ideal solution to electrical locking of the doors in hotel, residence and office rooms, etc. using electronic opening command etc.

Series SIM PLUS mini-symmetrical door strikes. Despite its ultra-small size, it offers the following two advantages: a) High pressure resistance up to 1000 kg (10 KNw)b) Also available with RR sensor to control the door status.

Series SLIM ultra-slim, mini-symmetrical and ultra-compact: a) Ultra-thin mini-symmetrical body measuring only 16.5 mmb) Mini-symmetrical body with a height of just 65.5 mm (standard type)c) Available also with RR sensor to control the door status (height 73 mm).

Series SLIM NO-CUT ultra-compact complete with spring latch guide: a) Thanks to the NO-CUT full spring latch guide lock (without cut) b) Mini-symmetrical body with a height of just 65.5 mm (standard type) c) Available also with RR sensor to control the door status (height 73 mm).

Series ARCUS waterproof models with curved body, available also in waterproof version for applications that require a protection against dust and sprays. Ideal to electrically control the opening of armour-plated doors with mechanical locks and spring latch. They are fitted with several round drop bolts placed a “very short” distance from one another.

Series PA for panic bars, ideal to “electrify” doors with panic bars that must be opened externally by authorised people only by using a magnetic card and/or typing a code on the keypad (access control system etc.)

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