Over 16 tons of CO2 avoided. Not just words!
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To be precise, 16,223 tons of CO2 have not been released into the air we breathe in a year.
Tecnodimensione only uses electricity generated 100% from renewable sources in Italy to power its facilities, machinery and equipment in general.
Energy that is produced without depleting nature's resources.
We contribute with concrete actions to the GREEN evolution that is necessary and increasingly desired by everyone.Tecnodimensione wants to do its part, as far as possible, and as a result, has avoided emitting 16,223 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
This is confirmed by the "100% Clean Energy Certificate" that our supplier, whom we rely on to provide as much clean energy as possible, regularly presents us with.Everyone can see what is now happening with increasing regularity in every part of the world, even in Europe, which seemed immune to extreme climate change: drought, forest fires, massive quantities of crops lost, glaciers that are melting before our very eyes; elsewhere there are irrepressible and devastating storms, tornadoes, floods ... catastrophes that we witness helplessly.Who knows ... it might be the fault of mysterious cosmic cycles, but man has contributed a lot on his own ... indeed he has! At this point, it is essential that everyone (governments and citizens alike) behaves responsibly in order to stop, or at least to slow down this tragic and unsustainable trend.At Tecnodimensione, ever since the company was established back in 1978, we have always looked forward, offering cutting-edge products, anticipating the future. Now, after 44 years… the same professional efficiency that has always distinguished us.We adopted the principle that our entire business uses every means available to operate in an environmentally friendly context.

As a result, Tecnodimensione readily took advantage of any initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact:

  • - it is one of the "Industry 4.0" certified companies that use new generation technologies to optimize consumption and reduce processing waste (see our previous Newsletter in March).
  • - it therefore uses "Clean Energy" to protect the air we breathe, as can be seen by the "Dolomite Energy Certificate" which certifies how valid our contribution is to not releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

In short, without losing sight of the objective of achieving the proper growth of our company and our staff who actively work with us, we wish to carry out our business in an appropriate manner. We hope that the example of our small contribution, small compared to the enormity of the problem ... but nevertheless useful, may also serve to convey the message that each of us can, and must, do his part to care for our beautiful and cherished Earth.
We should remember that we are not its masters by any means, but rather that we should be its devoted guardians.