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 pharmatronix door management sistems
DOOR MANAGEMENT SISTEMS. 3rd EXPANDER Microprocessor-based PHARMATRONIX PROFESSIONAL TECNODIMENSIONE CONTROL UNIT This unit is the “brains” of the system because it hosts all the interlocking logics and drives electric locks, Stop/Go displays and accessories (readers, keypads, etc.).

 doors systems | finestre, porte e serramenti a pavia e ...
Doors Systems si avvale esclusivamente di personale qualificato per la posa dei suoi serramenti. Le sue squadre di tecnici sono posatori certificati Posaclima e periodicamente partecipano a corsi di formazione e aggiornamento sulle più recenti tecniche di posa e sui nuovi prodotti.

 door management - designed security, inc.
Door Management. Door Alarms. ES300; ES300W; ES411; ES4200; ES4300A; ES4600; ES500; ES500W; Modified Door Alarms; Door Controls. ES440 Push Buttons; Touchless Activator Switches; ES450 Key Switches; Modified Door Controls; Annunciators. ES600; ES750; ES760; ES770; Custom Annunciators; Custom. Custom Optical Turnstiles; Custom Mechanical Turnstiles; Custom Tailgate Detection; Modified Door Alarms

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 open door - the door to door/filed sales solution ...
Realtime Results Open Door Sales Solution: Wireless Sales Software - GPS Track Field Reps, Electronic Lead, Order Management.

 manual sliding door systems - dormakaba
Manual sliding door systems. Manual sliding door systems create a feeling of openness and utilize space efficiently. Glass sliding doors offer an unobstructed view and allow natural light to shine. dormakaba’s manual sliding door systems are available in one or two doors with multiple sliding functions. dormakaba’s MUTO systems and MANET systems can be mounted to blend with any opening.

 keytrak - door entry systems
Biometric Door Entry Systems. Biometric door entry systems are at the leading edge of door entry security. Biometrics is the analysis and application of biological data, and in our door entry systems, this usually comes in the form of fingerprint recognition. Biometric Entry System

 overview of rational doors - ibm
DOORS is an acronym for Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System. Using the Rational DOORS family of products, you can optimize requirements communication, collaboration, and verification throughout your organization and across your supply chain. At the heart of the family is Rational DOORS, an application that runs on Windows, and Linux systems.

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