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 interlock fabric - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Interlock Fabric. Interlock fabric made from 2×2 needle gaiting or 2×2 rib is known as eight lock fabric, as there are total eight loops in a unit of interlock loop. From: Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology, 2012. Related terms: Looms; Friction; Composite Materials; Weaving Process; Fibre Degradation; Glass Yarn

 pass thru interlock i selecting the right pass through ...
When materials and supplies are transferred a clinician opens the pass-thru door on the “dirty air” side; the interlock mechanism automatically locks the “cleanroom” side door shut. The medical professional places materials into the pass-thru on the “dirty” side and closes the door.

 interlock (engineering) - wikipedia
An interlock is a feature that makes the state of two mechanisms or functions mutually dependent. It may be used to prevent undesired states in a finite-state machine, and may consist of any electrical, electronic, or mechanical devices or systems. In most applications, an interlock is used to help prevent a machine from harming its operator or damaging itself by preventing one element from changing state due to the state of another element, and vice versa. Elevators are equipped with an interlo

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 cleanroom system components: how to select a pass-thru airlock
Passing items through the pass-thru’s interlocked doors means fewer people have to enter the cleanroom, which reduces cleanroom contamination and increases operating efficiency. Properly designed and constructed, a pass-thru is easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial for maintaining cleanroom standards.

 cleanroom pass-through chambers - mechanical interlocks ...
Electronic automatic door interlock: Accidentally leaving a pass through door open can be an inconvenience in some instances, but also a serious safety hazard in other instances, as it can compromise the integrity of a cleanroom, or expose materials/personnel to harmful conditions.

 plc controlling sequence of conveyors with interlock
PLC Conveyor Interlock This is PLC Program for controlling sequence of conveyors and interlocking them. Problem Description. A feeder drops material on the conveyor which sends material for further process through one more conveyor. Conveyor must start automatically when material is dropped.

 interlocks as machine safety devices - the fabricator
Interlocks serve as safety devices on industrial equipment and many consumer products. This article explains some applications, describes different types of interlocks, and provides recommendations for resources that can help you determine the requirements for interlocks, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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