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WELCOME TO SAS ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. Since 1995, we have provided cost-effective environmental solutions for the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in landfill services, environmental assessments, and contaminated site remediation. OUR SERVICES At SAS Environmental, Inc., we are skilled in landfill systems, environmental due diligence, and remediation of

 sas help center
In this example, SAS Enterprise Guide first filters the data to find all of the rows that have Name equal to Carol and Date equal to 1980. Next, the OR relationship is evaluated, and SAS Enterprise Guide adds all rows that have Sex equal to M to the output table.

 respiratory protection - sas safety corp
SAS 1050-50 P100 filter replacement kit SAS 1061-50 Organic vapors cartridge and N95 filters combo kit SAS 1071-50 Organic vapors and N99/R95 filters combo kit SAS 1053-50 Organic vapors/acid gases cartridge and P100 filters combo kit N95 Particulate Filter At least 95% efficient against particulate aerosols free of oil.

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 sas environment manager | sas support
SAS 2.5 on SAS 9.4M4. SAS Environment Manager 2.5 enables you to manage metadata definitions for SAS users, servers and libraries to implement a federated data mart, and to collect and report upon metric data from a SAS Grid. In addition, log collection and discovery is improved and the Report Center uses only stored process prompts, enabling ...

 how to filter data in sas easily? - sas example code
How to Filter Data in SAS with the IF Statement? What is an IF Statement? The IF Statement is a very powerful statement to filter data.In this section, we discuss the basics. The IF statement in SAS evaluates some logic, for example, “value of X = 10“, and based on the outcome of this evaluation acts.In this article, the action is to filter the data.

 sas help center
In SAS Visual Analytics, you can create filters to subset your data. These types of filters are available: Detail Report Filters Basic filters. subset the data for individual objects in your reports by using a single data item. A basic filter is constrained to ...

 solved: combine files with filters - sas support communities
Hello, I am writing to get help with an issue I am having at the moment. I am dealing within a series of files, names opprcdyyyy, with yyyy ranging from 1996 to 2020. All the documents have exactly the same columns, and each of them has several rows (order of Million rows). I would like to combine ...

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